Senator Bob Ballinger is proudly endorsed by the NRA and his A+ is the highest score of any candidate in any of the current legislative races.


The right to life is our first and most fundamental right. No other right matters if we fail to protect the right of a person to be born. I am humbled to be the only Arkansas Right to Life endorsed candidate in my race.

Endorsement from Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin

"Senator Ballinger has a proven track record of fighting for conservative values. Whether it's defending the unborn, protecting our 2nd Amendment, or lowering our income taxes, Bob has been one of the most outspoken leaders in the legislature. He works hard to represent the people of his district." - Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin

Endorsement from Senator Gary Stubblefield

 Senator Stubblefield is a real statesman and public servant. I am humbled to receive his endorsement for re-election to the State Senate.

“It is my pleasure to endorse my friend Senator Bob Ballinger for re-election to the State Senate. Over the years Bob has stood next to me as we fought to protect the rights of Arkansans and the values we hold dear. Bob is a leader who is willing to fight for his constituents even if that fight is unpopular with entrenched special interests. Senator Ballinger will stand strong regardless of the circumstances, and that is why I support him for re-election without reservation” - Senator Gary Stubblefield