On the Issues

Pro-Gun    Pro-Life    Pro-Family    Pro-Constitution 

Bob Ballinger believes that the State Legislature belong to the people of Arkansas, as was intended by our founders, and that those elected to the legislature are servants of the electorate, leaving no room for self-aggrandizement or self-promotion.  He believes that self-interests must be set aside in favor of the interests of the people of Arkansas - more particularly, the people of Senate District 28.   Government's only Constitutional function is to protect and serve.  Bob also believes that standing on conservative principles yields a belief in state independence and self-government, private property rights, limited and accountable government, lower taxation, and protection of our individual liberty and freedom.  These principles are the key to creating an economic and social infrastructure which will allow Arkansas families to succeed and live happy, productive lives.

Bob's years as a public school teacher, running a small business, and practicing law have allowed him to witness some of the good fruit produced from great governmental decisions, but, like many other Arkansans, has also had to weather some of the fallout from bad decisions.  This experience has equipped him to relate to and better serve the families of District 28.

For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another. Galatians 5:13


Bob is a strong pro-life, pro-family candidate. He is endorsed by Arkansas Right to Life and has a 100% record of supporting life. He has worked with state leaders to ensure that the sanctity of life is respected, protected, and upheld.  He opposes all forms of abortion, and supports adoption as an alternative.  


The people of Arkansas are resourceful and hardworking, and possess a creative and entrepreneurial spirit. With the natural advantages of our great state, we have all the resources to lead the nation in job creation. However, government is often a stumbling block to job creation. Many at the state and Federal levels continue to push for more taxes and suffocating government regulation in our struggling economy.  Bob will work hard for government restraint, reduction of the tax burdens, and to ensure that government retains a limited role in our lives, thereby fostering an environment where the natural, entrepreneurial spirit of the people of our state can grow and thrive.


Having taught in public schools, no one knows better than Bob that opportunities for a quality education are crucial if our children and, in return, our state, is to have a successful future, and if our republic will be preserved. A great education is a critical first step to a successful career in our modern economy, and is necessary to produce a citizenry capable of selecting leaders with the ability to govern. Bob is dedicated to seeking ways to encourage a world-class education for our children, and to expand the opportunity for individuals to develop critical thinking skills that promote an excellence in citizenship.

Bob's ideas are not limited to promoting advanced degrees, but also include a re-emphasis on career and technical training which teaches valuable skills offering promising job opportunities in many fields where there are shortages of trained personnel.


We've watched in disbelief as Washington politicians have driven the Federal debt to historic levels. Compared to Washington politicians, Arkansas has demonstrated some restraint in government spending, but the fact remains we can do more. Our property tax rates are too high and rise too fast, and our state income tax is higher than that of all of the surrounding states. We must make tough choices and find ways to minimize the tax burden on the people and businesses in Arkansas, and encourage new businesses to locate here. That means keeping our needs separate from our wants and funding those critical things which are necessary and proper for the government while encouraging innovative ways to provide non-essential services.  In the process, Arkansas can be a beacon of responsible government that the entire country can follow.


Bob understands that the best stewards of the land are farmers and ranchers who depend on it for their livelihood -- in some cases, for generations. These are the people who understand what it means to protect the land's viability and who understand its importance to our Arkansas heritage and our economic stability and strength.  Bob will protect private property rights -- trusting and believing in those who care for the land, and will stand against a government that tries to trample this constitutionally-given right by taking improperly what belongs to the private citizen, oppose unnecessary or onerous EPA regulation, introduce or co-sponsor new legislation protecting the farmers and ranchers in District 97, and fight Obama and the Democrats to do what is right and necessary to lower gas prices which are devastating all Arkansans and more particularly our food producers.

State Independence:

Our great state is under attack by a liberal, over-reaching federal administration in Washington D.C. like never before. An assault on our way of life in Arkansas is in full force, with a federal government which thinks they can run Arkansas better than the people of Arkansas. The state government of Arkansas has avoided the shortfalls that are crippling many other state governments. This is not by accident!  However, liberals in Washington are targeting our state, promoting their national agenda and trying to make changes that they have no right to make in our system of government.  Bob will vigorously oppose the national liberal agenda and fight for our state's right to make decisions affecting the people of Arkansas.

Right to Bear Arms:

Bob is committed to support our unfettered 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. He firmly believes that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right guaranteed to the people by the U.S. Constitution. He will work with our pro-2nd Amendment friends and advocates to defend those freedoms. Bob firmly believes in upholding all rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights and that activists on the fringe cannot pick and choose which freedoms should be defended. Bob Ballinger will always defend our freedom, the U.S. Constitution, and the State of Arkansas.


One of the most basic services our state government provides is good roads. Bob knows that we must find solutions to our transportation challenges. That means pushing to keep more of our tax dollars here in Arkansas working for us rather than sending them to Washington to be doled out to other states, and finding new ways to fund critical infrastructure while seeking innovative ways to make the most efficient use of the infrastructure already in place.

True Conservatism:

Too often, government gets carried away with its desire to do everything for everyone. Year in and year out there are some in Little Rock who try their best to make Arkansas look like California, New York, or Washington D.C. Bob says this is like calling wrong right, and understands that, above all else, government must do a good job on the few essential things for which it was formed — protection of the people, order, and infrastructure — while being transparent and accountable to the people it serves.

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.  Do not do nothing.  Do not let evil triumph!" - English Philosopher Edmond Burke