On Liberty

Liberty Requires Stewardship or Liberty Will Cease 

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. (Pro 29:2) 

We, the Christian majority, must be willing to sacrifice our time, energy, and finances to maintain the liberties God provided all of us, regardless of faith. Our American culture of freedom is established upon the principle truth that God loved man and suffered, sacrificed, and died for every single person’s benefit. This exalts each and every person. It grants him inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The natural outflow of this established truth is that government’s duty is to protect those rights.

Our culture, which recognizes personal freedom and individual dignity, based upon Biblical principles, is the catalyst and incentive for our inquiry and ingenuity leading to unparalleled fruit, the likes of which the world has never seen.

This fruit includes the technological and economic engines that have blessed the entire world and extended freedom’s aspiration to the downtrodden victims of all other cultures, and has undoubtedly produced the most widespread benefits to the most persons the world has ever known. In spite of the lack of perfect implementation of these Biblical principles and practices, it has been so effective that its people are the most compassionate and generous toward others who do not share the benefits of the harvest of these principles.

These benefits and successes of freedom in America are not due to superior, natural resources, nor race, nor anything of superior land or attributes of people. Instead, it is due to a superior Biblically-based culture, designed and blessed by God, where people of all lands and races have come and flourished in that freedom. It can be said that America has been an exceptional nation because its people have been blessed by an exceptional God through His exceptional book.

A famous quote that some has attributed to Alexis de Tocqueville summarizes this concept when he stated, "America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great."

The government established out of this culture of freedom provides to us great liberty, however it is very fragile and tenuous, and requires great maintenance and constant vigilance, because the exercise of rights without restraint brings license, which eventually brings chaos and necessitates extreme governmental constraints: the death of liberty.

Therefore, for liberty to exist there must be adequate self-restraint in the general population. John Adams stated that our "constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

The same restraints which govern the general population must also restrain the government. Otherwise, the government ceases to be a protector of liberties and instead, becomes oppressive of those liberties.

There are multitudes of other cultures that are at war with the Biblical culture of freedom, based upon other incongruent values and principles -- producing other worldviews, all leading to tyranny and oppression. Our founding fathers, and early generations of our nation, understood the warfare that was constantly at play to overthrow freedom and the necessity of a general knowledge of Biblical truth among the population in order to retain freedom. They had just established a nation dominated by that culture of truth out of conflict with darkness. They knew the struggles, dangers, and the tenuousness of their accomplishment -- and the
value of eternal vigilance. They understood the times and what they should do.

However, over the years individuals became preoccupied with the blessings and prosperity that is the fruit of our liberties and forgot due vigilance. In our time, the 21st century, we find an ironic and tragic paradox in our nation. We now rest in our wealth and neglect our obligations to preserve our culture that produced our prosperity.

We have an intellectual assent to Biblical truths; however, often we the people do not carry it to the voting booth and our representatives do not carry those truths to the houses of government. We have become dualistic, and fail to live out what we say we believe.

In the time of our forefathers, dualism was not a way of life for most influential people. (They did not express religious feelings and convictions for mere show and live one way in the church houses and another way outside of church houses.) They tended to express their religious principles and values openly and in all settings. They did not seem to feel intimidated to express their true religious feelings anywhere, especially in government and public settings.

Not so in our day. Most influential people feel too intimidated to express religious feelings anywhere, especially in government and public settings where the forces of anti-Christian cultural dictate a new "correctness" for modern society.

Even though our enemies have not yet overcome us by force of arms, they are weakening our will and ability to fight. It is apparent that we’ve lost much of the founding core principles and values that our forefathers sacrificed so much for (things that are necessary for the retentions of our freedoms). While many of us were occupied hitherto, Satan has relentlessly and successfully warred against our once Godly culture from within, using the strategies and tactics of persuasion. Our enemies have taken advantage of our freedoms, especially of speech, and we may be losing our freedoms because we are losing our ability and will to be persuasive.

In their persistency, the enemy has developed a large company of those who have a clear sense that there is a war, whom are well-equipped with knowledge of their principles and values, and whom have strong convictions and determination to win the war. They have formed strategies and tactics of persuasion, including seeking control of all assets of persuasion, seeking to capture control of the education of youth, seeking control of news and entertainment media, and of course, seeking control of government on all levels (legislative, executive, judicial, and bureaucracy).

It is as if a conquering army had invaded and taken over the country. The enemy of freedom has been very successful. Even now they control many weapons of persuasion, which strengthens their position. They are not guided by fair play and the value of dignity of life and the Biblical moral principles of truth. Deceit, injustice, oppression, etc., are acceptable. Their end justifies any means they see as necessary.

On our side, there is a stunning and paralyzing prevalence of confusion, complacency, and hesitancy. There are just a few who seem to sense and care that true, pitched, cultural warfare is taking place, and especially a war that, if lost, will mean the loss of their freedoms specifically and way of life in general. However, often, we on our side, who would war against the enemy, find our hands and mouths taped, robbed of our power of persuasion and influence. We are increasingly banned, by force of law, from defending and expanding the Christian culture from which our freedoms flow.

Timely strategies and tactics should be formed to effectively counter the strategy and tactics of the enemy in order to hold or recapture control of education of the youth, and to reestablish influence in all instruments of persuasion including news media, entertainment media, and government (legislative, executive, judicial, and bureaucracy -- from the city level through the federal level). We do not desire a theocracy and are not proposing that churches get involved in politics, but people affected by the gospel and Biblical morality, and as good citizens of a representative government should get involved and exercise their influence.

There should be a burning determination in every Christian to aid and abet in that cause, based upon a sense of the war, and of the unthinkable consequences of its loss. Such attitude and conviction should be fostered into cultural attitudes at large through all those persuasive strongholds which the enemy now holds, but which we could recover in the power of Christ and in pitched determination and sacrifice.

We must live our lives with a greater purposes than manufacturing, buying, and selling services and widgets, motivated by self-aggrandizement. We must ensure that our nation under God with a government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth; a system that is generated by the knowledge of and application of the truths of the Bible, the Holy Word of God -- the God who is the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, righteous, just and loving One. He, above all others, knows exactly how things should be done for the best outcome and benefit of those He loves.

We must understand the importance of taking up arms against aggressors who would destroy our liberty and way of life by force, be willing to be a soldier of our flag, and give our lives in that cause; but, why should we send our people as soldiers-at-arms to fight for our freedoms and then allow our freedoms to be lost at home by neglect of our moral duties? We must be soldiers of the flag, but we must, and much more so, be soldiers of the cross (not in the mold of the violent and unbiblical crusaders, conquistadors and inquisitors, but in the love, kindness, and goodness of Jesus Christ).

If we do not stand up as soldiers of the cross, then all the efforts and sacrifice of all those who have struggled and sacrificed, even to the point of giving their lives for the flag and her freedoms, will have struggled and sacrificed in vain. If the soldiers of the cross do not sustain the values and principles in our culture that produce liberty -- and which without liberty cannot be maintained -- all is lost, and we decline into tyranny. The American cause will become a bygone ripple in the flow of history. MAY GOD FORBID!!--and may we, as Americans, decide to use our freedoms, so preciously bought, to preserve freedom.

I am yielding to a great call to public office. I am running for State House District 97, not to serve the best interest of myself or my family, but because if I do not, and if others of like mind do not, we will lose our God-given blessings of liberty.

Please be in prayer about this. Pray that I would hear the word behind me saying, "this is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left." (Isaiah 31:21). Pray that I would hold true to convictions and that in everything I do, God would be glorified.

I hope to demonstrate kindness and love to my opponents, and even go the extra mile for them. I believe that if we do that and win, God will truly be lifted up, and our great cause will be strengthened. I am asking for others, who believe there is a great cause, to stand with me and go to work to preserve and restore our God-given liberties.

Much of this information was taken from an article and sermon by Dr. Brian Disney.