David Barton Endorsment

“The ideas that made America great are falling out of fashion in the media and our public institutions. As a result, the Constitution and our founding principles are in peril. Something needs to be done. That is why I am proud to endorse Bob Ballinger for the Arkansas State Senate. Bob not only knows what is at stake for our country (and the world) if we lose our light of liberty but he is a constitutional conservative with a proven record of fighting for our founding principles in the Arkansas legislature." - David Barton, American Historian 

Senator Ted Cruz Endorsement

“Bob Ballinger, is a friend who worked tirelessly for my campaign across the state of Arkansas. Now, I am proud to endorse Bob for State Senate. Bob is committed to conservative values, economic freedoms, and constitutional truths. I know he will serve Arkansas well.” - Texas Senator Ted Cruz

Representative Charlene Fite Endorsement

“Over the past five years, as I’ve worked with ninety-nine State Representatives, I’ve learned who to trust and who not to trust. I’ve learned who is working for the people, and who is working for personal glorification. I’ve learned who is effective and who is not. I’m proud to say that Bob Ballinger is trustworthy, works for the people of his district and of Arkansas, and is a very effective, conservative legislator. That’s why it’s my privilege to endorse Bob Ballinger for State Senate. I can think of no one in the Arkansas Legislature who would work harder for the district and state. I encourage my friends and supporters to vote Ballinger!” - State Representative Charlene