Ballinger announces run for District 97 State Rep.

Thursday February 23, 2012

Bob Ballinger announced that he wants to serve District 97 in the Arkansas State House of Representatives. He told the large crowd of over 100 supporters gathered at the Berryville Community Center Thursday afternoon that he would count it a privilege to serve them.

Ballinger, a local attorney, says he is “conservative with convictions” and that his philosophy of Government is “rooted in the belief that individuals are elected to serve.”

Supporters met later in the day to discuss district issues at the T & T Diner in Sonora.

“A good leader and representative for our district must focus on the interests of the people of District 97,” said Ballinger adding that he looks forward to the opportunity to serve the district in a position of true servant leadership.

“People should be concerned about moral weakness in their representatives. My goal is to promote integrity in the state legislature rarely seen in our state government. I will not say one thing here and something altogether different in Little Rock.”

Ballinger feels that his experience as a public school teacher and coach, a small business owner, and an attorney gives him insight into community needs and solving problems.

“I am a conservative who supports low taxes, private property rights, state independence and sovereignty, limited and accountable government, and the protection of our individual liberty and freedom.”

“Government’s only function is to protect and to serve. We have an obligation, as stewards of the rights that God provided to us, to hold our government accountable to stay within its limited role.”

Ballinger is the immediate past president of the Berryville Chamber of Commerce and is husband to his bride Jessica and father of five children Bobby, Lydia, Asa, Shiloh, and Titus.