You Have to Show-up and Vote - It's Your Job


It is never okay to skip work 73% of the time. We would fire, and never rehire, an employee who missed almost 3 out of 4 days of work. When it comes to Bryan King, who skipped 73% of his votes the last time he served, it is important that we do not put him back into office. We are about to face some hard issues in our state. We have runaway inflation, a looming recession, attacks from the woke mob on our way of life (who are also trying to indoctrinate our children), an opportunity to protect life, and attacks on our right to bear arms (and other inalienable rights) certain to be coming our way, we cannot afford to be "represented" by a legislator who skips hard votes. Senator Bob Ballinger has a record that demonstrates that he leads on hard issues, his opponent has a record that demonstrates that he hides from hard issues. 

Some of the important bills that King just skipped and would not vote on, one way or the other:

HB2020 Carrying in a Public Building

Enabled more citizens to carry in more locations and reduced the penalty for others who carry in certain prohibited places.


HB1928 Ended Corruption in the Bail Industry.

This bill ended a fraud scheme developed by imprisoned lobbyist Rusty Cranford.


SB131 Provided Privacy Protection for Concealed Carry Permit Holders.

This bill protected the privacy of concealed carry permit holders by exempting from FOIA their identities. At the time, some media outlets were publishing the names and addresses of those who had permits.


HB2182 To Dispose Surplus State Property.  

Made it easier for the Highway Department to dispose of surplus property.


SB975 To Establish Arkansas’ Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Protected Arkansans right to believe what they want to believe, and their ability to act on that belief, without government interfering with that right.   


        HB1980 To Establish the National Motto, "In God We Trust," Display Act.

This bill requires every public school classroom and government building to post the national motto (In God We Trust) if the funding for the posting is provided privately. 

HB1218 To Establish Arkansas’ Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

The first attempt to protect Arkansans right to believe what they want to believe, and their ability to act on that belief, without government interfering with that right.  


SB746 Allows Education Savings Accounts to Pay for Public, Private, or Home Schooling

This bill creates a four-year pilot program offering education savings accounts for K-12 students. These funds are used to cover educational expenses such as private school tuition or home school expenses.


SB340 Prohibiting Abortion-Related 'Wrongful Birth Lawsuits'

This bill bans “wrongful birth” lawsuits where parents of a baby born with a disability or genetic disorder sue their doctor claiming they would have aborted their baby if they had known their baby might have a disability.


HB 1032: Dismemberment Abortion Ban.

This bill bans “dismemberment abortion” procedures, with the exception of preventing a serious health risk to the mother. The practice is defined as purposely dismembering a living unborn child in order to extract the fetus.


SB148 Rights of the Unborn.

This bill creates the offense of “infanticide” for physicians who fail to give proper medical treatment to an infant born alive, including infants birthed during an abortion procedure.  


HB 1105 Wheat Promotion Fund.

This bill appropriates just under half a million dollars for the Arkansas Wheat Promotion Fund that conducts research on growing wheat and promotes the industry.


SB 331 Economic Development Grants.

This bill appropriates over $50 million for a wide variety of subsidy and grant programs administered by the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, including a state version of the federal Community Development Block Grant Program for smaller communities.


SJR8 Tort Reform.

This resolution proposes a constitutional amendment to cap attorney contingency fees at 1/3 of the net recovery in a civil action and limits the recovery amount to $500,000 (or three times the amount of compensatory damages, whichever is greater), among other provisions.


HB 1249 Concealed Carry.

This bill allows concealed carry permit holders to receive an enhanced permit to carry firearms on public college and university campuses and other locations, such as restaurants where alcohol is served.


SB 658 Payday Loans.

This bill imposes greater price controls on loans by prohibiting fees that overcome the 17% annual interest rate limit for all loans.


SB 522 State Health Plan Mandate.

This bill extends to 2021 the requirement that state and public-school employee health benefit plans include coverage for treatment of “morbid obesity,” such as gastric bypass surgery.


HB 1740 Home School Bill of Rights.

This bill provides that, should a home school student enroll in a public school, that student cannot be denied course credits earned, placement in the proper grade level, scholarships, or participation in extra-curricular activities solely on the basis of having been home-schooled.


HB1474 Allows Home Schoolers to Participate in Interscholastic Activities at Any Public School.

This bill amends the 'Tim Tebow' law by allowing home schoolers to participate in interscholastic activities outside their resident school district as long as both school districts agree.


HB1574 Reduces Home School Reporting on the Notice of Intent to Home School.

This bill simplifies and clarifies the Notice of Intent to Home School form. It also ensures local school districts keep home school families and their personal information confidential.


HB1566 Prevents Human Remains from an Abortion from Being Treated as Medical Waste.

This bill prohibits experimentation on organs and tissue harvested from unborn babies and requires aborted babies to be respectfully cremated or buried.


HB1481 Allows Home Schoolers to Participate in Interscholastic Activities at Private Schools.

This bill allows home schoolers to participate in interscholastic activities at any private school within 25 miles of the student.


SB 688 Corporate Subsidies.

This bill gives $11 million in tax benefits to Big River Steel Company for expansion projects.


HB 1625 Employer Mandate.

This bill requires employers with five or more employees to provide a monthly pay stub for every full-time employee that lists total hours worked, gross and net wages, along with overtime pay and itemized deductions.


HB 2218 Government Contract Set-Asides.

This bill expands the current state contract set-asides. In addition to the current 10% set-aside for minority business enterprises there will be a 5% set-aside for women owned business enterprises. Furthermore, competitive bidding requirements will be eliminated for businesses eligible for set-asides.


HB 2240 Direct Primary Health Care.

This bill exempts direct primary care agreements between a doctor and a patient from insurance regulations. These agreements, also known as medical retainer agreements, allow access to routine medical services for a monthly fee.


SB 3 (Special Session) Medicaid Reform.

This bill requires the state to seek a federal waiver to return the income cap on eligibility for Medicaid to 100% of the federal poverty level. Under Obamacare, the cap was raised to 138% of the federal poverty level. The bill also seeks to impose a work requirement for able-bodies adults similar to that under the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.


HB 1008 - Expands Tuition Savings Plan.

This bill expanded education opportunities for children with disabilities and in the foster care system.


SB 140 Requires Internet Retailers to Collect State Sales Tax.

Requires out-of-state companies with no physical presence in Arkansas to collect sales and use tax if they sell $100,000 worth of products or make at least 200 transactions within the state.


HB 1141 Establishes State Budget for 2016-2017.

Establishes the following appropriations for FY 2016-2017 (Sec. 4): $2.13 billion for the Department of Education Public School Fund; $16.2 million for the Department of Education Fund; $91.54 million for the Children and Family Services Fund; $336.7 million for the Department of Correction Inmate Care and Custody Fund; $40.02 million for the Higher Education Grants Fund; $9.43 million for the State Military Department Fund; and $78.9 million for the Public Health Fund.


SB 366 Authorizes Additional Compensations to Teachers.

Authorizes teachers of grades 7 through 12 to voluntarily instruct more than the current maximum number of 150 students per day by teaching during their conference period. Authorizes a pay raise upon a signed agreement between the teacher and the school district, in an amount proportionate to the teacher’s base pay and the number of additional students taught.


HB 1003 Limits Eligibility for School Employee Health Insurance Program.

Authorizes a public school employee to participate in the State and Public School Life and Health Insurance Program if his or her position requires an average of 30 hours per week during the school year, whereas current law required a minimum 900 hours of work per year. Prohibits a public school employee who is in a variable-hour position from participating in the State and Public School Life and Health Insurance Program.


HB 1004 Amends the Public School Health Insurance Program.

Requires the board to implement a policy that uses funds the state saved on nontaxable insurance contributions to provide premium assistance.


SB 1020 Expanded Medicaid to Authorizes Purchase of Health Insurance with Federal Funds.

Established the Private Option version of Medicaid Expansion under Obama-Care.


SB 1093 Requires Racial Impact Statement for Crime Bills.

Requires a racial impact statement for any bill filed in the Senate or House of Representatives that will create the following outcomes (Sec. 1): A new offense; A change in an existing offense; A change in the penalty for an existing offense; or A change in the existing sentencing, parole or probation procedures.


SB 972 Congressional Redistricting.

Vote to concur with House amendments and pass a bill that redistricts the Arkansas Congressional districts for 2011-2012.


HB 1226 2011-2012 State Insurance Department Budget.

Vote to pass a bill that appropriates funds for the State Insurance Department for fiscal year 2011-2012.


HB 1049 Prohibit Cell Phone Use in School Zones.

Prohibits the use of a handheld wireless telephone by any driver of a motor vehicle while passing a school building or school zone during school hours when children are present.


HB 1115 Absentee Mayor

Authorizes a city clerk or other elected official of the city to perform all the functions of a mayor in the event that the mayor is unable to fulfill his or her duties or cannot be located.